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Welcome to the website of the Friends of Rubya!

The aim of our foundation:
To support Rubya Hospital and to improve health care quality.

Below is a video clip of the 50th anniversary of Rubya Hospital as was seen on Tanzanian TV:

Our focus points

Members of the board of the foundation are mainly former Dutch Rubya doctors. Their efforts for this Foundation is entirely voluntary. Their travels and visits to Rubya Hospital is paid by themselves.

How to contribute

Our foundation Friends of Rubya (Stichting Vrienden van Rubya) consists entirely of volunteers. This means that 100% of your donation will be spent on the projects in Rubya, Tanzania.

Our bank account number in the Netherlands is: NL66ABNA0624513211 to the name of “Stichting Vrienden van Rubya”.
The BIC-code is ABNANL2A.

Some guidelines will follow on how money can be donated.